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Why Nellie's Acres Handmade Soy Jar Candles for your Fundraiser??

Candles are something that most people buy on a regular basis.Candle sales typically exceed Candy sales in today's market!!! Instead of selling a product people don`t really want or need, why not sell something they would be buying anyway? In today`s World where we are all concerned with environmental issues, handmade Soy Jar Candles make perfect sense! Soy wax is an all natural wax derived from soy beans produced by American Farmers. Unlike Paraffin which is a by-product of oil. Soy Wax also has a much greater scent to wax ratio so I'm able to add more scent which creates a wonderful scent throw! You will be selling a product that folks want!

Typically for your fundraiser you will choose 10 scents and they will be available in 2 sizes...Your choice!!! Nellie`s Acres will provide order forms with a picture of a candle and the scent list and sizes. We will also bag each order with the customer`s name on it for your convenience. All orders will include a coupon worth 20% off the customers next purchase! Nellie`s Acres does require a 50% deposit once the fund-raiser is over and the final order is placed. The remainder of the payment is due upon delivery of the candles. Delivery is guaranteed three weeks after the final order is placed. If your candles are being shipped, I will add a minimal shipping fee to all order blanks. Your organization will receive 35% of total sales.

Sales to Profit Ratio:

$500.00 = $175.00
$1,000.00= $350.00
$1,500.00= $525.00

What a great profit for your Fundraiser!

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have. I would love to help make your fund-raising effort your best ever!!!

Thank you!


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