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Autumn Scented Palm Wax Tarts..Bag of 8 or 1 Dozen
Celebrate the change in season.!

*** Heavily scented 100% Natural Palm wax bag of tarts.***

*** Packaged 8 per cello bag and tied with a vintage Halloween hang tag....or choose a dozen(same scent please).***


Price: Multiple Choices

Autumn Palm Wax Tarts...Spiders....Gravestones...Candy Corn...2 Sizes
Spiders...Gravestones...Black Cats.....Ghosts...Candy Corn...Pumpkins...\

*** These are large tarts weighing over an ounce.***

***Made with an All Natural Palm Wax.***

*** Choose either an 8 oz or 16 oz Bag and any of my Autumn scents.***

*** All packaged in a...more

Price: Multiple Choices

Autumn Tarts ~~~Skull & Ghosts~~~
*** Choose from Ghosts or Skulls.*** *** These tarts are about 2 oz and full of premium scent oil.***

*** I use an all natural feathering palm wax.***

*** Your tarts will be packaged 4 per cello bag .***

*** These tarts are colored white...or black.***

Price: $3.75

Autumn Old Thyme 16 or 32 oz Soy Jar Candle
~~~ Choose from reclaimed 16 or 32 oz Olde Bail Top Jar ~~~

~~~ Burn Times 16 oz- approx.80 hours, 32 oz aprox. 120 hours~~~

~~~ Choose your favorite scent ~~~

~~~ Made with natural soy wax ~~~

~~~ Tied with raffia and a hang tag ~~~

Price: Multiple Choices

Canterbury Balsam Fixins
~~ Scented in Canterbury Balsam..Crunch, crackle; those are the sounds that your feet make as you take a refreshing walk deep into an evergreen forest in the depths of winter. The cold doesn't affect you as you deeply inhale the aroma of pine, spruce and fir. .~~

~~ Beautiful dried...more

Reg. Price:$5.00
Sale Price: $2.50

Winter Holiday Large Tree Tarts
~Offered in a clear bag of six, 2 oz tarts.~~

~~ Your tarts will be colored green.~~

~~ Hand poured in Natural Palm Wax.~~

~~ Choose your favorite scent.~~


Reg. Price:$7.00
Sale Price: $3.50

Winter Holiday Cup Tarts ~~~
** Each tart weighs about 1.5 ounces**

** Choose your scent.**

** 8 per bag.**

** Made with a Natural palm wax **

** Tarts colored to match scent choice.**...more

Reg. Price:$9.00
Sale Price: $4.50

Autumn Haunt Soap~~~Goats Milk Soap~~~
Comforts sensitive skin,Enriched with milk proteins and Moisturizing too.

** Weighing 3.5 ounces each.**

** Scented in your choice from my dropdown menu below and colored to match your scent choice.**

** 3 bars are included in sale. **


Reg. Price:$13.00
Sale Price: $7.50

Nellie's Snowman Soap..3 bars ..choose your scent
Great for your skin with natural lathering and moisturizing properties!

** Three 4 ounce bars will be included in every order.**

** Handmade out of my home with goats milk.**

** Fragranced with your choice! **

** Handwrapped in cello bag to preserve...more

Reg. Price:$13.00
Sale Price: $7.00

Autumn Candied Apple Bites 8 or 16 oz
Nellie's Acres Bite sized Candied Apple tarts... about 1 1/2 oz each ...I have made these tarts in Candied Apple premium scent oil..

......These tarts are made with natural palm wax...

...All tied in a cello bag with a vintage Hang Tag ... These tarts will fill your home with...more

Price: Multiple Choices

Sale Items
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