Autumn/Winter Holidays
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Autumn Haunt Soap~~~Goats Milk Soap~~~
Comforts sensitive skin,Enriched with milk proteins and Moisturizing too.

** Weighing 3.5 ounces each.**

** Scented in your choice from my dropdown menu below and colored to match your scent choice.**

** 3 bars are included in sale. **


Price: $13.00

Halloween Skull Goats Milk Soap...3 Bars....
Happy Haunting

Nellie's White Skull soap...Each Skull weighs just about 3.5 oz each...

Goat's milk differs from cow's milk in the molecular structure of the naturally occurring proteins and triglycerides. These shorter strands are easily absorbed by the skin, resulting in a...more

Price: $12.00

Autumn Pumpkin Bites *** 2 Size Bags ***
*** Weighing about 1/2 oz each

*** Choose your scent.***

*** Available in either an 8 oz or 16 oz bag.***

*** Made with a natural feathering palm wax and premium fragrance oils.***


Price: Multiple Choices

Sparkling Autumn Embed Soap
Hand Made Soap! Made in small batches with the safest,premium ingredients. I have filled this clear soap with lots and lots of beautiful Autumn Leaves

This gorgeous super lathering soap will leave you smelling and feeling great.Softly scented in Midnight Waters.. notes include bergamot,...more

Price: $6.50

Barn Candle ~~~ Winter Sky ~~~ 12 oz Soy Mug
Adorned with a glossy label.

** Made in a 12 oz re-usable Reproduction Enamelware Covered Mug.**

** Choose from your favorite Autumn or traditional scent.**

** Made with natural soy wax.**

** Burn time approx. 40 hours.**

Price: $12.00

Autumn is in the Air~~~Apple Ale Mug Candles!
** Scented in Apple Ale! Apple Cinnamon, Clove , Caramel, Rum, Barley, Woody, Musk, Vanilla**

** 12 or 24 oz distressed,covered reproduction enamelware mug **

** Handpoured in soy wax with one of my prim labels **

** A burn time of about 80 hours.** ...more

Price: Multiple Choices

Autumn Soy Mug Candle ~~~12 or 24 oz~~~
Happy Fall....

**Available in all of my Autumn scents!**

**12 or 24 oz distressed,covered reproduction enamelware mug **

** Handpoured in soy wax. **

** A burn time of about 60 hours for 12 oz and 100 hours for 24 oz.** ...more

Price: Multiple Choices

Autumn Scented Scoopable Soy Wax
***Scoopable scented soy wax***

***Heavily scented in your choice of Autumn scent***

***This scented wax in your tart burner will fill your home for hours***

***Available in an 8 oz or 16 oz jar***

***Just fill the attached scoop with as much wax as you'd...more

Sleepy Hollow 12 oz Mug...choose your scent...
~~~ This covered reproduction enamelware mug is white with distressed blue trim.~~~

~~~ This candle stands about 3 1/2 inches tall.~~~

~~~ Using only premium scent oils and Cargil soy wax ensures that you will be getting a beautifully scented candle.~~~

~~~ Choose your...more

Price: $12.00

Halloween Witch Tarts~~~ Choose your Scent~~~
Celebrate the change in season with 8 large WITCH Tarts.......Weighing about 1.5 oz each ...these tarts are SO CUTE...COLORED ORANGE AND TOPPED WITH A WEE WITCH......... Made with a natural feathering palm wax and premium fragrance oils......IF you would like a scent from my regular collection...more
Price: $8.00

Autumn/Winter Holidays
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