Autumn/Winter Holidays
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Winter Holiday Scented 16oz or 32 oz Soy Jar Candle
Looking for that one of kind ,handmade candle for your country home.

~~ Offered in either a 16 oz or 32 oz old bail top jar or ~~

~~ Tied with a Holiday Hang Tag. ~~

~~ Hand poured in Natural Soy Wax.~~

~~ Choose your favorite scent.~~

~~ Color will...more

Price: Multiple Choices

Nellie's Witch Embeds or Melts
~~~ Poured in a high melt point wax ~~~

~~~ Each is black in color ~~~

~~~ Scented in your choice!~~~

~~~ About 2 inch by 2 inch (at the tallest and widest points) ~~~

~~~ Sold in 8 oz bags ~~~...more

Price: $7.00

Winter Votives.....4...Red Frosted Votive Cup...choose scent...
I am offering my Winter VOTIVE Candles in A KRAFT BROWN WINDOWED BOX ..You will receive 4 palm wax votives...colored according to your scent choice ...and a Frosted Red votive cup...This is a great gift grouping......

~~~Made with premium feathering Palm Wax.......

All my...more

Price: $8.00

Home Sweet Pumpkin 10 oz Soy Candle Mug
~~~10 oz Enamelware Mug Soy Candle~~~

~~~Choose your scent from the drop-down~~

~~~Made with premium wax and scent oil~~~

~~~Colored and adorned as shown~~~

~~~40 to 50 hours Burn Time~~~~...more

Price: $10.00

Autumn Faerie Tarts
** Made with Natural Palm Wax **

** Colored as shown. **

** Choose your favorite scent **

** Sold in clear bags of 8 tarts **...more

Price: $7.00

Sleepy Hollow Pumpkin Man ~~ 12 oz Soy Mug Candle ~~
~~~ This covered reproduction enamelware mug is white with distressed blue trim.~~~

~~~ This candle stands about 3 1/2 inches tall.~~~

~~~ Using only premium scent oils and Cargil soy wax ensures that you will be getting a beautifully scented candle.~~~

~~~ Choose your...more

Price: $12.00

Autumn Bat Embeds or Melts*** 8 or 16 oz ****
Nellie's Acres Paraffin Wax BAT Embeds or Melts.

*** Choose you scent for these little guys.***

*** Your melts will be packaged in a cello bag for freshness.***

*** Available in either 8 or 16 oz bags.***


Price: Multiple Choices

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Fixins
~~ Scented in Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.. Delight all of the senses with plums, dark cherries and sweet oranges enhanced with peppery woody undertones.~~

~~ Beautiful dried botanicals,in traditional Holiday Colors ~~~

~~~You will receive 1 heaping cup in a bag,tied with a...more

Price: $5.00

Autumn Scented Tealights ** Choose your Scent.**
** Made with natural Soy wax tealights.**

** Choose your Autumn scent.**

** 8 lights in each sale.**

** Made in polycarbonate (clear) cups.**...more

Price: $6.50

Autumn Leaf Goats Milk Soap
Comforts sensitive skin,Enriched with milk proteins and Moisturizing too.

** Weighing 2 ounces each.**

** Scented in your choice from my dropdown menu below and colored to match your scent choice.**

** 4 bars are included in sale. **


Price: $12.00

Autumn/Winter Holidays
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